I am an active learner, continually adding new therapeutic models and methods to my practice. Below are some of the mental difficulties with which I have direct experience and that I have helped my clients resolve or eliminate. Please see the Therapeutic Methods page for more information on treatment methods.

Generalized Discomfort of Unknown or Unclear Origin

Often, new clients enter my office feeling uncomfortable or even in acute pain, but they do not know the exact source of their suffering.  We are not trained in our culture to be aware of our thought processes and our emotional states.  This condition, though sometimes life-long or seemingly irresolvable can often be identified very quickly and treatment can begin within one or two sessions.

Depression and AnxietyComforting hands

Depression and anxiety affect more Americans than any two mental troubles combined.  Treatment for these conditions varies and can be found in many therapeutic practices. I am skilled in several effective methods that address these devastating conditions.

Psychosis and Schizophrenia

I have had some very good results working with people troubled with psychosis and schizophrenia. These conditions require definite testing and evaluation by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, and often medication is essential for the most effective treatment. If you would like a referral to a competent professional, I would be happy to help.  Once you have seen such a professional I would be delighted to see you for continued and parallel therapeutic treatment.  If you choose not to take medication, I will likely be willing to see you, but only after discussing your case with your prescribing provider.

PTSD and Trauma

EMDR is a therapeutic method gaining wide acceptance as highly effective in the treatment of PTSD and other trauma related issues. My work to date with victims of trauma is solid and has offered solace and hope to many.

Peaceful flowers at duskAlcoholism and Addiction

I am not a certified alcoholism counselor, nor do I want to be.  My personal journey through and out of active alcoholism and addiction has given me insights well suited to individuals who want to quit, but I believe counseling will have little effect for addicts or alcoholics who are actively using or drinking.  If you suffer from active addiction or alcoholism and you want out, I can help you find options that work, and I offer solid therapy as an adjunct to your recovery.

Community Work

I am currently partnering with local agencies to provide needed support to their staff.  This effort began as a pro bono venture and will remain so until the demand is greater than my free time.  If you work for an agency that needs similar help, please contact me.