Varied thrush in fir tree

My approach to therapy is varied, nearly always gentle, sometimes directive, and often intuitive.

As a systems counselor, I am trained to see how we relate to others.  How we attempt and often fail to connect with others is the cause of much pain in our world.

We are not divided by our differences, but by our judgments.

~ Margaret Wheatley

My clients come to me with a broad range of causes for their pain, including navigating a difficult passage in their lives or managing serious mental illness.  Among others, I work with alcoholics and addicts, trauma victims, and those suffering from depression, anxiety, or phobia.

My typical clients are individual adults, couples, and families.

I graduated from LIOS College of Saybrook University, located in Kirkland, WA, with a master’s degree in systems counseling.

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To give you a little more information about me, I was born in Akron, Ohio, I have been sober since October, 1982, and I took all the photos used on this site. I have worked as a truck driver, editor in chief of a weekly newspaper, bookseller, and an IT professional. Being a mental health counselor is what I was put on Earth to do.